A 38 year old woman was killed when a section of the concrete suspended ceiling in the Interstate 90 (I90) connector tunnel in Boston, Massachusetts detached from the tunnel roof and fell onto her vehicle. View Full Case Study
On April 20, 2010, an explosion and fire erupted on the Deepwater Horizon, an offshore drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico, killing eleven platform workers and injuring 17 others. It took 87 days to cap the oil gusher and the US Government estimated the total spill at 4.9 million barrels (210 million gallons) – the largest oil spill in history US history. View Full Case Study
62,736 plastic display boxes were damaged upon arrival in Ft. Worth, Texas. Two container shipments of acrylic display boxes were fabricated in China and shipped to Long Beach, CA where they were transported via rail to Ft. Worth. One order arrived undamaged but 85% of the boxes in the second order were broken. View Full Case Study
Tullio Lombardo’s statue of Adam was the centerpiece of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s newly installed Renaissance exhibit. Carved around 1490 for the tomb of the Doge of Venice, purchased by the Museum in 1936, it was their most important Italian Renaissance sculpture and one of the most important Italian sculptures outside Italy. On October 6, 2002 after the museum had closed for the evening, guards discovered the sculpture shattered on the marble floor. View Full Case Study
A worker sustained serious head injury when an 80 foot wooden truss fractured during building construction and struck him. A reconstruction of the rigging configuration combined with a dynamic finite element stress analysis of the truss stresses generated during construction showed that the failure occurred from improper rigging when the truss was being lifted into position and not as a result of a defect. View Full Case Study
On December 19, 1997 a Silk Air Boeing B737-300 aircraft departed Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta with 97 passengers, 5 cabin crew and 2 cockpit crew. The aircraft took off in daylight with good weather conditions and climbed to 35,000 feet. The aircraft suddenly dropped 400 feet in 8 seconds and continued in a rapid descent initiating in-flight breakup followed by complete disintegration of the aircraft upon impact with the Musi River. All 104 persons on board were killed. View Full Case Study
A massive pallet racking system used by R. R. Donnelly Corporation to store printed catalog matter suddenly collapsed resulting in the complete destruction of the pallet racking system and loss of the stock. Some failed welds were observed in the wreckage and there was a question whether weld failure precipitated the collapse or whether the welds failed as a result of the severe structural deformation associated with the collapse. View Full Case Study
One worker was killed and a co-worker was seriously injured when the tower climbing work platform they were working from collapsed sending them plummeting 85 feet to the ground below. A third worker managed to escape injury by leaping over the parapet onto the building’s roof. The workers were removing water table stone from the roof façade of an eight story building when the accident occurred. View Full Case Study
Our firm was selected as experts for the insurance defense group in Hoechst Celanese Corp. vs. National Union Fire Insurance Company et. al. This matter related to the premature field failure of residential plastic pipe fittings throughout the southern and western regions of the United States and involved losses of hundreds of millions of dollars. Our firm was engaged to determine if premature fitting failures would be expected based on the available file documents. View Full Case Study